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AdoptMe App

AdoptMe is an app that enables staff, volunteers, and fosterers in animal shelters and rescue groups to easily share, via social networks, updated and timely notes and photos about adoptable pets. AdoptMe was a finalist in the 2014 Hack Palo Alto Apps Challenge and won SECOND PRIZE! 

   With AdoptMe "Every Shelter Pet Now Has a New Happy Story"

  The AdoptMe App enables staff, volunteers, and fosterers in animal shelters and rescue groups to easily share, via social networks (such as Twitter), notes and photos about adoptable pets that are tied together by each pet’s name.

AdoptMe App is already in beta test at Humane Society Silicon Valley and Peninsula Humane Society, two of the most respected and largest animal welfare organizations in California.  We are thrilled with their partnership in the rollout of AdoptMe.


The AdoptMeApp is used by staff and volunteers as they interact, play and socialize with animals then they can post or tweet about the interaction and share pictures, etc. Example: “Fluffy loves to cuddle”, and then “Fluffy is a real ball hog". This helps to tell potential adopters more about the animals and increases their chances of making a connection, hopefully leading to them finding homes faster. Please help the AdoptMe App win the challenge by voting this Friday and Saturday. Let’s use Silicon Valley Technology to make Silicon Valley a place where all animals have the best chance to find a home!
Beth Ward,
VP Shelter Operations & Community Alliances,Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV)

AdoptMe was created to improve and accelerate adoptions of animals, by making it easy for shelter employees, volunteers and visitors to share their experiences with any given animal. The AdoptMe App's simple functionality allows the user to quickly take a photo of an animal and post a caption, while interacting with the pet.   AdoptMe collects all these individual snippets with the animal's hashtag and automatically posts to social networks like Twitter. Potential adopters can then look up an animal's hashtag to see all the experiences shared with that animal. (See the live AdoptMe feeds by PHS and HSSV)

Check out the AdoptMe stories of adorable "Sarah Leigh", an adoptable dog at Humane Society Silicon Valley, and "Ellie", an adoptable dog at Peninsula Humane Society (click on "All" at the top of the Twitter page to see all the tweets)

If the average stay of an adoptable pet in a shelter or rescue group can be descreased, more animals can be saved, because there are millions of animals waiting to take the place of those adopted!  AdoptMe reaches out to where potential adopters live online, initially Twitter, but soon Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook.  

Check out the AdoptMe stories of adoptable pets at Humane Society Silicon Valley, and that of "Ellie", an adoptable dog at Peninsula Humane Society (click on an animal’s name-hashtag to see the stories of just that one pet)

AdoptMe has the potential to provide insight into individual adoptable pets, never seen before to potential adopters, helping them make a decision to meet the animal in "person".

   KTVU Channel 2 Story about AdoptMe, May 21, 2014

We are thrilled that KTVU has interviewed us and the Humane Society Silicon Valley about our AdoptMe App.  Find out more about our adorable adoptable dog & superstar - "Sarah Leigh" -  through her story using the broadcasting power of AdoptMe.


Other information about Adopt Me:

Three animal shelters are participating in the beta test which began Monday May 19, 2014:

Here is a 2-minute video by "Adopt Me" engineer Helena Merk talking about this app.  Her assistants are Bunny and Tiki.